I want to feel what I am doing.

When we write phrases, we can read these sentences and hear them in our heads. We then know if they sound good or not.

How do we do that when we write code ? Live coding is what we need to bring the output as close as possible to the typing hands.

live coding

Use Lucidity editor or any text editor you like. When you save, we take care of injecting the new code inside the running application.

When you view the source code inside the editor, you can use the mouse to tweak any literal number. Just clic and drag to alter a value and evaluate if the result feels good or not (picture and idea by Bret Victor).

Using standards in the music industry such as OSC, MIDI and HUI MIDI, it is very easy to plug a controller and start using it to control your application. Use a wiimote and act like a god.

Peace of mind

Never loose an idea

At any time while writing code, you can take a snapshot of your project. We will take care of creating an image of the current rendering result and use this in a gallery to easily find that strange hack you stumbled upon two months ago.


I want my code to work next year.

Since the app relies on widely used and well maintained web technologies, your code and projects will sustain the passing of years.

We also save assets and library files inside the project to reduce system wide dependencies.

Easy to start and grow

I am not a coder...

You do not need to be a coder to start using this app. You can go a long way by just assembling modules and modifying parameters. And when you will want to start modifying things, fear not, we have undo and snapshot recovery.

This app is made for exploration for any skill level.

I am interested

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I am interested

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