I want to feel what I am doing.

When we write phrases, we can read these sentences and hear them in our heads. We then know if they sound good or not.
How do we do that when we write code ? Live coding is at the center of Lucidity to bring the output as close as possible to the typing hands.


Live CodinG

With Lucidity, you can use any text editor to write code. When you save, we take care of injecting the newly written code inside the running application.

Live Tweaking

When you view the source code inside Lucidity, you can use the mouse to tweak any literal number. Just clic and drag to alter a value and evaluate if the result feels good or not (picture and idea by Bret Victor).


Hardware control

Using standards in the music industry such as OSC, MIDI and HUI MIDI, it is very easy to plug a controller and start using it to control your application. Use a wiimote and act like a god.

I want a gallery of snapshots with code


At any time while writing code, you can take a snapshot of your project. Lucidity will take care of creating an image of the current rendering result and use this in a gallery to easily find that great error hack you stumbled on two months ago.


I want my code to work next year


Assets and library files are saved inside the project to reduce system wide dependencies. Save Lucidity app with your project and you are good for years.

Lucidity relies on widely used and well maintained web technologies. .

You can enter coding trance.


I want to grow BIG


With Lucidity, you can start small and let your project grow without worrying about reorganising your ideas. With a good set of conventions and a statically typed language, we make it easy to glue different experiments together in a stable and modular way to build more ambitious projects.


I want to shine


Whether you are a coding genius or a world star VJ, you need a platform to express your talent and gain recognition and money for your work. Lucidity will contain a marketplace where talented effect composers can sell their work to performance creators. The effects are protected against further distribution, protecting creators' invested time and effort.

A sane marketplace ensures that both parties (effect creators and users) are winners: users get high quality and well maintained effects at a low price and effect creators get paid for their time and are thus encouraged to continue their effort. There is nothing sadder then loosing the contributions from creative minds because of piracy.

Of course, there will also be lots of free and open source experiments, because sharing knowledge and helping others is part of a sane ecosystem.


I want to write the behaviour in Elm and the visuals in THREE.js


Some programming languages are better suited at certain tasks then others and sometimes, it just feels like more fun to change our toolset. Lucidity provides a hooking mechanism to allow compilation to Javascript on the fly. By writing your own hook, you can even invent your own language.